‘Fun’ carnival in Brabant cities despite arrests

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Crowds in the center of Den Bosch, or Oeteldonk

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According to the police, carnival went “fun” in Breda and Tilburg yesterday and tonight, despite a single arrest. Police say there were no major incidents.

In the center of Breda it was very busy. Four revelers were arrested for insulting officers and assaulting them. The police previously announced that several carnival celebrants in Breda had fallen victim to pickpockets.

Seven people were arrested in Tilburg, including for assault and not following directions from the police. In Eindhoven and Den Bosch, the police arrested sixteen illegal taxi drivers. They transported carnival celebrants without a permit.

According to a police spokesman, there were no details in Limburg. Only at the end of the carnival period will the police provide an update on the number of arrests.

This is how carnival was celebrated yesterday and tonight:

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  • AP
    Crowds in the bus towards partying in Den Bosch
  • Broadcasting Brabant
    Krabbegat, or Bergen op Zoom
  • Broadcasting Brabant
    The parade in Eindhoven, with Carnival Lampegat
  • Broadcasting Brabant
    Carnival celebrations in Tullepetaonestad, or Roosendaal
  • Twitter Peter Schouten
    Lawyer Peter Schouten celebrated carnival with his security in Helmond
  • AP
    The city prince of Maastricht with André Rieu, mayor Annemarie Penn te Strake and Emile Roemer
  • AP
    Beer at Stratumseind ​​in Eindhoven is replenished between the waste

A 47-year-old man from Schijndel was arrested yesterday in the center of his residence. He walked with a carving knife between carnival celebrants. According to the police, the man had previously harassed several people in the center. According to officers, he was “quite under the influence”.

A man from Geldrop had to be rescued from a ditch in Waalre last night. According to Omroep Brabant, he was drunk, but he could call the emergency services himself. An aerial platform of the fire brigade brought the man to the right side of the ditch.

A carnival celebrator in Waalre had to be rescued from the ditch with an aerial platform

The man was checked by paramedics and then taken home by taxi. According to a correspondent of the broadcaster, officers on the spot could laugh about the situation.

Lawyer Peter Schouten celebrated carnival with security guards

The Breda lawyer Peter Schouten, who has security guards with him due to threats, celebrated carnival in Helmond. His security guards found a man in a restaurant in cardiac arrest.

“One immediately started giving chest compressions, another removed the vomit and dentures from the victim’s throat, the third ran to get the AED from the armored compartment while the fourth handles communication,” the criminal lawyer writes on Twitter. .

The lawyer is proud of his security guards. The man was taken to hospital with a heartbeat. It is unclear how he is now.

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