Fugitive perpetrator of Beuningen mistaken murder arrested

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The fugitive convicted of the mistaken murder in Beuningen has been arrested in Belgium, the police reported. The 33-year-old man was sentenced to 20 years in December for his part in the murder that killed 49-year-old Mehmet Kiliçsoy.

The convicted person was allowed to await the judge’s verdict in freedom, because it had been established during the earlier hearing of the case that there was not enough evidence against him. But on the basis of new evidence, the man was still convicted. He cut his ankle bracelet, which he had to wear because of a previous conviction, and fled.

Another escape attempt

After the man was discovered by the police in Belgium, he attempted to escape again. In doing so, he hit street furniture and almost drove into a police officer, who managed to get himself to safety in time. The convict’s car then collided with another car, injuring the occupants. The convict fled on foot and was soon arrested.

The police found the convict’s fellow passenger, a woman, also injured in the car. All injured were released from hospital after a short check-up.

The Belgian Federal Police will file a report on behalf of the policeman, who had to jump away to avoid being run over.

  • Convicted man in Beuninge mistaken murder cuts ankle bracelet and flees
  • Prison sentences of up to thirty years for mistaken murder in Beuningen
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