Fugitive “Methman” arrested at Schiphol (UPDATE)

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On Tuesday, according to the Public Prosecution Service, a 55-year-old man from Den Bosch was arrested at Schiphol who had been convicted in the “Proteus” case, after large-scale production of methamphetamine in several drug labs, among other things. The man, who also called himself “Methman”, had been missing since the verdict. It concerns Bertie van D., his lawyer Sanne Schuurman confirmed to Crimesite. Schuurman says that he reported Van D. voluntarily.


He was sentenced to eight years in prison last year. As a client, he would have directed several drug labs. One of the labs was in Drempt (photo). During the hearing in the case, it emerged, among other things, that there was close cooperation with drug cartels from Mexico. The group had contacts with boiler builders who produced large boilers especially for the production of synthetic drugs.

One of the other suspects in the same investigation (who was later brought to court) is Pavel N. who was also called Pablo ICE-cobar.


The suspect was suspended until the verdict in the first instance, but did not appear there on June 10, 2022. Since the verdict, he has been under international surveillance and the police have started an investigation into his whereabouts. On Tuesday, he was arrested at Schiphol by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee after he had arrived from South Africa.

The man had indicated through his lawyer Schuurman that he would report voluntarily. All of Proteus’s convicts are now incarcerated. the case is now on appeal.

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