Fugitive convicted man arrested in Belgium.

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Beuningen – The man tried to escape from the arrest and caused damage and injuries with his vehicle.

The 33-year-old man, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison on December 20 for complicity in the murder in Beuningen, then cut his ankle bracelet and thus ignored the court’s detention order, was arrested in Belgium today.
From the moment he disappeared from the radar, various means of investigation have been deployed to determine the man’s location. In the investigation, there was cooperation with FAST (Fugitive Active Search Team) Belgium. The convicted man was found this morning, Sunday March 12, together with a woman in a car in the vicinity of the town of Wommelgem. When this part of the Federal Police wanted to arrest him, the 33-year-old man took off in his vehicle. He rammed various street furniture and drove into a police officer. He was able to pull himself to safety just in time.

Damage and injuries

While fleeing the police, the convicted man caused damage to street furniture and caused a traffic accident with another passenger car. The occupants of the other passenger car were injured. Eventually his vehicle came to a stop and he got out of his car and ran away. The officers caught up with him on foot and arrested him. The woman who remained in the car also appeared to be injured. All the injured have been taken to hospital for check-ups and have since been released.

Excellent international cooperation

The police and judiciary of the East Netherlands are satisfied with the intensive search, which has worked well together with the Belgian Federal Police. A European arrest warrant had been issued against the suspect. The man is entering the procedure to be surrendered from Belgium to the Netherlands. The Belgian Federal Police will file a report on behalf of the official, who had to jump away to avoid being run over.

Information source: Politie.nl

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