Fugitive co-perpetrator of Beuningen mistake arrested in Belgium

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The 33-year-old fugitive August D., who was sentenced to 20 years in prison in December 2022 because he was a co-perpetrator of the mistaken murder of Mehmet Kilicsoy in Beuningen, was arrested in Belgium on Sunday. D., who is also active as rapper Auki, cut his ankle bracelet three months ago and has been missing ever since.

Traffic accident

August D. was seen by the Belgian police on Sunday morning together with a woman in a car near the town of Wommelgem, near Antwerp. He tried to flee and caused a traffic accident with another car. The occupants of that car were injured. The 33-year-old woman who was in the car with D. was also injured.

The fugitive convict also rammed street furniture and drove into a police officer, who was able to pull himself to safety just in time. D. then tried to flee on foot, but was overtaken by agents and arrested. All the injured have been taken to hospital for check-ups and have since been released.


August D. was released under certain conditions last autumn because the court found that there was not enough evidence against him at that time. Subsequently, on a subsequent hearing day, the Public Prosecution Service put forward new evidence on the basis of which D. was sentenced by the court to 20 years in prison on 20 December 2022. He cut his ankle bracelet and has been missing ever since.

A European arrest warrant had been issued against D. He is entering the procedure to be surrendered from Belgium to the Netherlands.


August D. is the brother of Jomairo D. (29) from Amsterdam, who sees the court as the director of the plans. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the Beuningen mistaken murder. August D. played a role in the preparations for the liquidation.

The Nijmegen handyman Kilicsoy (49) was shot in the head and upper body in the morning of July 6, 2020 on Thorbeckeplein in Beuningen, Gelderland by two masked men who had arrived in a delivery van.

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