Froukje, Meau and Tabitha are Ambassadors of Freedom on 5 May

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The three singers Froukje, Meau and Tabitha are the ambassadors of freedom on Liberation Day. They visit the various Liberation Festivals to perform and celebrate freedom. The festivals attract more than 1 million visitors every year.

In the run-up to May 5, the artists will create all three current stories about (un)freedom. For example, Froukje visits Poland to meet the Ukrainian singer Roxolana. Meau makes a podcast about women’s rights and Tabitha dives into the impact of the slavery past.

NOS Stories visited two of the three ambassadors to look ahead to Liberation Day 2023:

Singers Froukje and MEAU are Ambassadors for Freedom on 5 May

The Liberation Festival in Utrecht will not take place this year for the first time in 30 years, apart from the corona years. Price increases and shortages of materials have led to a sharp increase in costs, according to the organization.

The Liberation Festival in Groningen is again freely accessible this year. The organization asked for an entrance fee of 5 euros for the first time last year, but that led to a lot of criticism.

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