From now on, your iPhone knows the meaning of all warning symbols in your car

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If a warning light on your car’s dashboard suddenly comes on while driving, something may be wrong. So it’s useful to know what such a symbol means. But the chance that you know them all is small. There are no fewer than 64 of them. Apple has now come up with a solution because anyone who does not know what all those symbols mean can now simply consult their iPhone.

As technology continues to evolve and more features are added, the chances of something going wrong increase. This of course also applies to cars. And with more than sixty different warning symbols, it can be difficult to know right away what is going on.

Many drivers do not know the meaning of symbols

Research by roadside assistance provider Route Mobiel shows that around 60 percent of Dutch motorists do not know the meaning of these warning symbols. Of the more than a thousand respondents, a quarter even say they will continue driving when an icon on the dashboard lights up.

You can of course Google it or look it up in your car manual, but from now on, anyone who owns an iPhone can find out in an even faster way what the light that just suddenly turned on on your dashboard means. Your iPhone can now also tell you, reports the American media websites CNET.

Take a photo with your iPhone

The function that recognizes the warning lights is in iOS 17 and all you have to do is take a photo of the light on your dashboard. Then open that photo in your photo gallery and swipe up. The menu that then appears contains the option ‘Auto Symbol’. When you click this, your iPhone identifies what the icon means.

Although this tool can quickly help you figure out what all those icons mean, your iPhone can’t tell you exactly what’s going on. Sometimes the lights come on incorrectly or it can indicate a range of problems. A visit to the garage is therefore still recommended.

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