Friday USA 2022 GP | Budget overrun Red Bull talk of the day after title win Verstappen

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Friday USA 2022 GP |  Budget overrun Red Bull talk of the day after title win Verstappen

Formula 1’s winter break has been underway for some time now, meaning fans of the sport won’t have to wait too long for the next Grand Prix. However, the premier class of motorsport has had another interesting season with great races, controversies and political games. During the long period without Formula 1 races, F1Maximum takes you along the most interesting Grand Prix weekends of 2022. This edition focuses on the Friday of the United States Grand Prix.

It was the first Friday after Max Verstappen won his second title. Once at the Circuit of the Americas, however, it was already about what was still playing: the possible budget overrun of Red Bull Racing in 2021. The FIA ​​and Red Bull were approaching the point that the penalty for the Austrian team would be announced.

Verstappen denounced the witch hunt that the other teams had opened on his team in the hope that Red Bull would be severely punished. “I think that’s just because we’re doing so well. It’s a bit hypocritical, but that’s how Formula 1 is. They try to take it from us that way. They just do. Anyway, I don’t focus on the budget limit. We believe we are right.’

Alonso supports Verstappen and Red Bull, who killed Leclerc’s title chances

The two-time world champion could count on the support of Fernando Alonso, as was often the case. This has always been part of Formula 1. It’s the budget cap now, it used to be aero stuff, it’s such a gray area that teams start looking around. People who win championships are going to explore that gray area. Other teams copy that, that’s just how it goes.’

One who was wrong was Charles Leclerc. The Monegask could no longer become a champion and, to be honest, he had long given up that hope. “Our problems were soon apparent, and that’s all that counts. It happened race after race, so it was difficult to manage the situation properly. When we got to the second half of the season, Red Bull took a step forward in performance. They’ve been very strong ever since.’

Verstappen in front after FP1, disadvantage in FP2 due to tire test

On to the action on the track then, because there was also training on Friday. In the first free practice, Carlos Sainz finished narrowly ahead of Verstappen – the difference was only two tenths. Lewis Hamilton was third ahead of Lance Stroll, who surprisingly clocked the fourth fastest time. In the second free practice it was Leclerc in P1, ahead of Valtteri Bottas and Daniel Ricciardo. However, this session was not representative, as VT2 was used as a tire test for Pirelli.

In any case, Verstappen looked back with a good feeling on the first day in Austin, Texas. “The first free practice was actually quite good. We tried a few things with the car and luckily we were at the front and that’s very positive.’ VT1 therefore had to be used extra well by the tire test in VT2. “We knew that the second free practice would be different because of the Pirelli tire test. They gave me the C1 tape and we don’t use that here, so it was very difficult, but luckily we were able to finish the program.’

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