Frank Jansen: proposed to by a woman!

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How famous and popular they were, those Frank Jansen (77) and Rogier Smit (48) at the time of the TV program ‘Paleis voor een Prikkie’. But since the draft came in their relationship, the crumbling in entertainment land also started. Something Frank didn’t have to do, and a book will soon be published about that squabble…

Frank, you’ve been working behind the scenes on a book about your life for some time now. You will make remarkable revelations and tell amusing anecdotes. Do you have a time in mind when you want to release it?

“No. To be honest, I wanted to finish it for a long time, it’s going to be a very thick story. I’m currently reviewing and correcting that. There are also things in it that I think: I can’t really tell. It harms the people it concerns.”

What kind of things are those?

“Mainly private matters. For example, I almost married someone once who thought I was in love with her. She carried on that story for two years without my noticing…”

Curious about the rest? Our entire interview with Frank Jansen is in Party 18, out today!

Photo: Andries Jelle de Jong

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