Four years in prison for explosion in Amsterdam-West

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The 33-year-old taxi driver Levito D. was sentenced by the Amsterdam court to a prison sentence of four years on Wednesday for detonating an explosive made with flash powder at residential houses in Comeniusstraat in Amsterdam-Slotervaart, in May last year. The explosion caused great havoc because many windows of surrounding houses were broken and facades and cars were damaged. No one was injured.

To sleep

The latter was still very lucky, according to the public prosecutor, who had demanded five years in prison. Many residents were still asleep. According to the officer, there was a real danger that part of the building would collapse.

The court believes that D., together with at least one other person, placed an explosive at a porch and detonated it.

D. was a mustache. He has always stated that he was transporting a man with a plastic bag who wanted to ‘pick up’ something on Comeniusstraat. When the passenger was back at the taxi, an explosion sounded, according to D..


The court does not believe that and thinks that in addition to the unknown man, D. was also involved. Witnesses have made images of the car driving away with two occupants. Both wore colored household gloves. When D. was arrested not much later in his home in North Amsterdam, the police found such gloves there, as well as two firearms and a silencer.

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