Four years for JoeyAK for kidnapping, case against Bigidagoe ended

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Four years for JoeyAK for kidnapping, case against Bigidagoe ended

The court in Amsterdam sentenced 27-year-old Joël H., alias rapper JoeyAK, to four years in prison on Friday for the violent kidnapping of rapper Kobus L. (28). The criminal case against co-suspect Danzel Silos, alias rapper Bigidagoe (26), has ended. He was liquidated in Amsterdam-Sloterdijk on February 25. Other co-suspects receive up to 3.5 years in prison.

Fears of death

Amsterdammer Kobus L. was in agony for hours when he was held hostage, abused and robbed by a group of men on September 3, 2022. The men threatened to cut off his fingers if a ransom of 50,000 euros was not paid. In December, the Public Prosecution Service demanded prison sentences of four to seven years against the group of nine men, who are part of the rap formation Zone 6 from Amsterdam-Holendrecht.

Cut off fingers

Kobus L. was driven around in a van for a long time. He stated to the police that he had been beaten and threatened with a firearm. During the ride, the suspects allegedly called his friends and demanded a ransom of 50,000 euros. If they did not pay, the suspects would cut off the victim’s fingers one by one.

Piece of wood

The journey ended in Amsterdam-Zuidoost where the suspects wanted to place the man in a home. During his escape attempt, Kobus L. was beaten with a piece of wood by several suspects. Local residents who saw the assault alerted the police, after which the suspects fled.

According to the victim, JoeyAK’s role was the largest. As the frontman of rap formation Zone 6, he is said to have directed the hostage situation. The victim allegedly gossiped about him and he was angry about that.

Anklet data

Using camera images, telephone numbers, ANPR data from vehicles, GPS data from a rented bus and ankle bracelet data from JoeyAK, the police were able to map out where the suspects were on the weekend of September 3, 2022. JoeyAK wore an ankle bracelet because he was suspended on March 11, 2020 in another kidnapping case for which he was sentenced to 40 months in prison.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, it is clear from the police investigation that the nine suspects were all largely present when the 28-year-old Amsterdam resident was taken hostage.

Prison sentences

The Public Prosecution Service demanded seven years in prison against JoeyAK. His sentence is reduced by four years because, according to the court, he was only involved in the beginning of the kidnapping. The other suspects are sentenced to prison terms of 26 to 42 months.

The Public Prosecution Service demanded four years in prison against Danzel Silos, alias Bigidagoe. His criminal case was canceled because he was shot dead almost two weeks ago near Amsterdam-Sloterdijk station.

Gangster rapper JoeyAK is wanted in Suriname for involvement in a shooting.

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