Forum: out of the EU, plenty of room for the car and ban on ‘transgender propaganda’ Yesterday, 5:50 PM in Politics Thierry Baudet’s party presented the election manifesto today. He wants to conduct the campaign mainly through social media.

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Baudet at the presentation of the election programme
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Forum for Democracy fully supports motorists in its election manifesto. Lower excise duties, no more additional tax for lease drivers, driving 130 kilometers per hour or faster and no more section checks. Anyone who buys a car does not pay purchase tax (BPM) and no matter how many cars you have: you only pay road tax once.

The party’s plans have been translated into “Twelve rules for the Netherlands”, which party leader Thierry Baudet presented. He spoke of a special, emotional moment. “We are entering a new phase, where we can hopefully achieve new growth and appeal to new voter groups.”

“We are going to stop all those things that cost us so much money, and we are going to invest in the Netherlands,” he said in an explanation. Baudet himself becomes party leader again, at the top of the list are mainly sitting MPs.

Airport in the North Sea

Forum believes sustainability and climate policy are a waste of money. The closed coal-fired power stations will reopen and gas extraction in Groningen will also resume. The environmental zones in the big cities are disappearing: old polluting diesel cars are also welcome everywhere again. Schiphol will be given plenty of space, and in the meantime a new airport must be built in the North Sea, the program states.

If it were up to Forum, there would be a ban on what the party calls “transgender propaganda” in schools and in youth programs on TV. And textbooks are checked for “political direction” and adjusted if necessary.

The program also contains a number of well-known Forum positions, such as a departure from the EU and the euro and the introduction of binding referendums following the Swiss example.

Never again a lockdown

At the beginning of the corona period, when it was still unknown exactly how dangerous the virus was, Baudet advocated a strict lockdown. He later turned against lockdowns. In his election manifesto he now announces a law that will prohibit the government from ever taking such a “degrading” measure again.

Furthermore, our country must act as a mediator to achieve a ceasefire in Ukraine. There must be peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, but Forum emphatically also mentions NATO. The party sees that organization as one of the warring parties in the conflict and therefore follows the position of Russian President Putin.

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