Former team boss lashes out at Alpine: ‘Still in F1 next year with current vision? Absolutely not’

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Former team boss lashes out at Alpine: 'Still in F1 next year with current vision?  Absolutely not'

Eddie Jordan is absolutely not happy with the state of affairs at the Alpine Formula 1 team. The former team owner states that things need to change quickly at the French racing team, because if things continue like this, they will face a bleak future and, according to Jordan, they will not be on the Formula 1 grid for much longer.

Things are not going well at Alpine this season. In Bahrain, Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly were even on the last row of the grid, only to be left behind only Valtteri Bottas and Logan Sargeant a day later, both of whom had problems during the race. Things went slightly better in Saudi Arabia, but a thirteenth place for Ocon was not something to be very happy with, especially since Gasly was finished after just one lap.

Not only are the results substandard, a lot is also happening at an organizational level. In the summer of 2023, some leaders were given their dues, but a few weeks ago it was announced that Matt Harman and Dirk de Beer had also resigned from the French racing team. Jordan finds it unbelievable what is currently going on at Alpine. “It’s absolutely shameful,” the Irishman said in the Formula For Success podcast, as quoted by Speedweek. “Right now they are the team in the deepest crisis.”

Alpine’s future uncertain

According to Jordan, the crisis is so great that the French team has to fear for the near future. ‘Do I still see Alpine next year (in Formula 1) with the current vision? Absolutely not. Not a chance,” is the former team owner, who believes that former team boss Otmar Szafnauer was kicked out of the French racing team too early. “I think he’s a talented person who certainly would have known how to take this team in the right direction.”

‘I just think it’s a shame that they (Alpine, ed.) were not able to give their drivers and their team a car with which they could compete in a world championship. That is simply unacceptable,” said Jordan, who believes a “sale of the team is entirely possible.” I think Renault has backed out, they don’t want to spend money on the engines and the engines for 2026,” he concludes.

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