‘Former Satudarah top again in the picture with detectives’

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'Former Satudarah top again in the picture with detectives'

At least four leaders of the Satudarah MC, which is banned in the Netherlands, are being held on suspicion of large-scale drug trafficking. This is evident from research by RTV Oost. Last week it was announced that one of the founders of the MC, Michel B., had been arrested. It now appears that at least two fellow board members and a former leader of the South Department of Satudarah are also detained for the same investigation: 26 March.


According to RTV Oost, one of the arrested board members is the worldwide president of the motorcycle club. Another is treasurer. Both men are from Tilburg. Members of the Osse caravan family R. are also suspects in the investigation. Earlier, Michel B. and, among others, Tilburger Xanterra M. were convicted in another investigation for leading a criminal organization.


The new investigation of the national criminal investigation into Satudarah started last August when the Criminal Intelligence Team (TCI) received a tip from the police that the national top of Satudarah has continued with large-scale drug trafficking. Last fall, a large team of detectives made a blow through information from the chat service Exclu, which was hacked by the police.

Two people are fugitives. On Monday, a man from Enschede and a man from Overdinkel were arrested in the investigation.

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