Former Red Bull driver praises Newey: ‘My compliments if that works’

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Former Red Bull driver praises Newey: 'My compliments if that works'

After the testing days in Bahrain, former Red Bull Racing driver Vitantonio Liuzzi does not yet dare to say how big the difference is between the Austrian team and the competition, but for the 43-year-old Italian it is beyond doubt that the team of Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez as the favorite to start the opening weekend at the Bahrain International Circuit.

Without getting the most out of it, Red Bull made a very strong impression during the three-day winter test, according to experts. Virtually no one doubts that the Austrian racing team has once again got its affairs in order this season, including Liuzzi, who drove four races for Red Bull in 2005. “We all know that Red Bull has the advantage, they have shown during testing that they have a very competitive car and so they have a big advantage,” said the Italian in an exclusive interview with F1inGenerale.

Although Red Bull seems to be in a good position, Liuzzi does not yet dare to say whether the difference between the competition and the competition will again be as great as in 2023. ‘I think it is still too early to make predictions. We will have to wait until the first checkered flag has been waved to know the real difference between the teams on track,” said Liuzzi, who believes the risk Red Bull has taken with the RB20 concept is commendable. “It has to be said that they have taken a risk, so my compliments to Adrian Newey if Red Bull manages to maintain last year’s lead.”

Situation surrounding Horner could destabilize team

After a particularly successful 2023 season, in which Red Bull failed to win in only one of the twenty-two races, the Austrian racing team seems to be one step ahead of the competition again in 2024 after the winter test. Red Bull is the big favorite to extend the world title, but the unrest within the team could become a problem. “The Horner affair could potentially disrupt the stability of the team,” says Liuzzi, who thinks that Red Bull may also have to take Ferrari into account.

“It seems that the SF-24 has become more competitive during the longer runs and in terms of tire consumption,” concludes the 43-year-old Italian. ‘There may be more opportunities to cause Red Bull problems. Compared to 2023, I think (Charles, ed.) Leclerc and (Carlos, ed.) Sainz can do more, even if Verstappen and Red Bull start at the front,” said Liuzzi.

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