Former Governor Haley wants to run against Trump in the primary

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Nikki Haley speaking at a Republican rally in November 2021
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Among the Republicans in the United States, the first party prominent has reported to run against Donald Trump in the primary elections for the presidency. Nikki Haley, former governor and former UN ambassador, announced today that she wants to run for president.

Haley, 51, says it’s time for a new generation to take control of Republicans. Former President Trump, who once put her forward at the United Nations, would be 78 years old at a possible inauguration. Current President Biden is 80.

She reminds voters that the Republican nominee did not receive the most votes in seven of the last eight presidential elections. “That really needs to change.”


In a campaign video, she emphasizes her background. “Not black, not white. I was different,” she says. A daughter of immigrants from India, Haley grew up in a small town in South Carolina “where the railroad was the borderline between black and white.”

She also addresses the criticism that America is a racist country. She compares the US to China and Iran, concluding that “even on our worst day, we are blessed to live in America”.

Watch the entire campaign video here:

Strong & Proud

Strong & Proud

Haley does not present concrete plans in the video. She is expected to present it tomorrow at a campaign rally in Charleston, South Carolina’s largest city.

In the near future, more Republican heavyweights are likely to announce that they want to run in the election. Popular names include former Vice President Mike Pence and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Given the polls, the latter seems to be the main challenger for the former president. While Trump receives well over 40 percent support from Republican voters, DeSantis now has around 30 percent. Nikki Haley does not get further than about 4 percent for the time being.

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