Former driver criticizes Ferrari: ‘They signed the wrong driver’

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Former driver criticizes Ferrari: 'They signed the wrong driver'

If you ask former Formula 1 driver Christian Danner, Ferrari has put itself in a difficult position with Carlos Sainz winning the Australian Grand Prix by a distance and Lewis Hamilton particularly disappointing. “Sainz is shaking up everything at Ferrari,” the German told

Danner does not mince his words and makes it very clear what he thinks of Ferrari’s decision to exchange Sainz for Hamilton. “They signed the wrong driver,” he said. Sainz started the season with a third place in Bahrain behind the two Red Bull Racing drivers. He had to miss the second race due to an appendectomy and upon return he won the Australian Grand Prix. The Spaniard is doing well, but does not yet have a seat before 2025.

“If, as a future number one driver, I am beaten by the person who has been fired by the team, that will be difficult,” Danner said. “Sainz approaches a race with dedication, fun driving and aggressiveness, which I really like,” the German praises the fired driver. ‘That also includes a certain attitude that says: now it’s me and no other. You can see that not only in his eyes, but in every bend.’ Danner believes that Sainz also wants to show Ferrari that they have made a big mistake. ‘You have signed the wrong driver for next year. Hamilton is just bouncing along, I’m much better,” the Spaniard thinks, according to the former driver.

Vasseur should have been patient

If Ferrari wanted the seven-time world champion so badly, they would have fired the wrong driver, according to the German, because Sainz is faster. In his eyes, the Madrilenian is certainly not inferior to teammate Charles Leclerc, after all, the Spaniard is the only one who managed to interrupt Max Verstappen’s winning streak, twice. According to Danner, Ferrari team boss Fred Vasseur should not have brought Hamilton to the Italian racing stable so hastily. ‘He should have waited a little longer. There is no need,” said the German.

Despite the criticism, Hamilton can also count on Danner’s understanding. The former driver also sees that the W15 is not a great car. “It’s not like he’s dropping back a lot like Ricciardo. One cannot entirely blame him for the fact that Lewis is stumbling like this,” the German puts things into perspective. “But one thing is clear: when you see Sainz’s form and how he manages to control Leclerc, you can say that Vasseur made a decision too early.”

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