For example, hackers use ChatGPT to spread malware

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ChatGPT can do the most beautiful things: write a cheerful poem about how you eat a sprinkles sandwich every morning, or write an essay about why people can love each other so intensely. But unfortunately, many good things have a downside. Now we talk more about the problems that ChatGPT faces, such as not having enough server space available to process the requests and the fact that he doesn’t always have his facts straight. But there is one more way ChatGPT is a really problematic tool.

Hackers and ChatGPT

Hackers. They too use the power of artificial intelligence. Undoubtedly also to do fun things, but mainly to spread malware. It’s not that hackers are getting ChatGPT to write code that creates malware en masse, it’s about riding the wave of popularity that the tool is currently enjoying. After all, everyone is talking about ChatGPT. Isn’t it too powerful a tool? Have you already given this crazy assignment to him? There is plenty to do and hackers always respond to that.

For example, you will unfortunately find various apps in the app stores that are called something from ChatGPT, but are not at all. There is no official app at all. It doesn’t exist. So the chances of you downloading an app that is not okay and likely spreading malware on your phone are definitely there. Or the app draws a lot of data from your phone in a different way, for example. Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store do have filters for this to ensure that there are not all rogue apps in the stores, but unfortunately those scans can sometimes be circumvented if you approach it ingeniously enough. In short: if you have a ChatGPT app on your phone, please delete it and restart it.

Rogue websites

Another way hackers try to make a profit is by creating domain names that resemble ChatGPT. As you may know, you will not find the real tool under, but you have to go to it via the website of maker OpenAI. However, there are numerous websites that are almost spelled like ChatGPT, but are not quite. All phishers, who hope that for some reason you don’t pay attention and enter your personal information, which you can use to hack. So be very careful.

If you are wondering how exactly a hacker benefits from your data: there are several ways to do that. For example, there are apps in circulation that secretly register you for all kinds of paid SMS services after downloading, so that you suddenly have to pay for text messages that you have not asked for.


Another way is via such a website: hoping that you leave some personal information in a form, such as your payment details, with which hackers either try to plunder your account themselves, or simply sell your data on the black market, so that other malicious parties for example, can use your email address to send you phishing emails in the hope that you will leave your payment details on their website. It’s a kind of chicken-and-egg story, but that’s how it sometimes works in practice.

Do you want to use ChatGPT? The website you must have is

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