FNV wants NS to tackle violence against train staff 14:50 in Regional news Last weekend there were three incidents in trains and at a station.

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FNV wants action against violence against train staff

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The trade union FNV wants the NS to take action to stop the violence against train employees. The call was prompted by several incidents last weekend, Omroep Brabant reports.

In an e-mail to the NS management, trade union director Henri Janssen of FNV says that “the NS employees who are active in the line of fire are talking about the water”.

Last Friday evening, the police intervened after an NS employee was assaulted at Roosendaal station. Earlier in the day, a conductor in the Thalys to France was beaten by a passenger without a valid ticket and young people were taken off the train at Schiphol with a fake weapon.

‘It can no longer be like this’

“We are waiting for even more serious incidents. It can no longer go on like this. The limit for our supporters has been reached,” writes the union leader.

Earlier this year, NS reported that the number of reports from NS staff about aggression had risen by 30 percent to 965 in 2022. NS transports hundreds of thousands of passengers every day.

  • NS reports more aggression against train staff, calls again for more powers
  • Man assaults NS employee and headbutts policeman
  • Group of young people at Schiphol taken from train for fake weapon, an arrest
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