FNV staff now threatens with strikes 13:30 in Economy Trade union FNV has received an ultimatum from its own employees. They think the new collective labor agreement that has been proposed is not good enough and threaten to take action.

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FNV members take action at Ahold’s head office.
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Employees of the trade union FNV are not satisfied with their own new collective labor agreement that has been proposed. They have now presented the union with an ultimatum that expires at 10am on Monday. If the requirements are not met, actions will follow. Striking, because as a union FNV has been the driving force behind many strikes in various sectors for months.

In recent months, a new collective labor agreement has been negotiated. This includes a so-called automatic price compensation (APC), in which it is agreed how much wages will increase in line with inflation. From May 1, staff would receive between 3 and 7 percent wages – depending on someone’s salary scale – with a guaranteed 5 percent increase in wages for everyone from January 1, 2024. In subsequent years, inflation would be followed in wages, but with a maximum of 5 percent.

FNV Personeel, the trade union in which the FNV personnel are united, thinks this is “not a real APC”. “It is not the case that inflation has passed FNV employees by,” responds director Judith Westhoek. She believes that the union should set a good example.

If the management of FNV does not respond to the demands of the staff, there will be action immediately on Monday during the 1 May march in Amsterdam. A nationwide strike is planned for the following day.

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