Flowchart helps recognize rare types of diabetes

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Diabetes flowchart

The Dutch Diabetes Federation (NDF) introduces a new addition to the NDF Toolkit for healthcare providers: the Flowchart Differential Diagnosis Diabetes (DDD). This flowchart provides a structured step-by-step plan to determine the correct diabetes subtype.

“Diabetes type different”

It is known that diabetes has more forms than types 1 and 2. However, this is often ignored during the diagnosis phase, which means that people with a less common form of diabetes do not receive the right care. With the flowchart DDD, healthcare providers have a tool to help too recognize more rare types of diabetes in time. This helps to provide the correct diagnosis and treatment, which is crucial for the health and well-being of people with diabetes.

Systematic overview

The DDD flowchart directs healthcare providers to the web page Differential Diagnosis Diabetes. This page, which was published late last year, provides a systematic overview of different (sub)types of diabetes such as LADA, MODY or DM type 3C. Each (sub)type can be clicked for brief information about characteristics, diagnostics, epidemiology and additional points of attention during treatment. The overview is also available as a PDF. The developers recommend printing the overview and using it as a poster or desk pad. Together with the online flowchart, this can help you to be more alert to possible other diagnoses.

Available for free

The DDD flowchart is available free of charge and is part of the NDF Toolkit. The flowchart was developed by the NDF expert group “Diabetes type other”. This working group is committed to ensuring that structural attention is paid in healthcare practice to the recognition of less common types of diabetes. The entire toolkit offers healthcare providers practical tools and information to put person-centered care and shared decision-making into practice.

Source: NDF

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