Flooding in South Limburg due to heavy rain showers, part of the A2 closed 9:32 PM in Regional news The A2 between the Kruisdonk and Meerssen junction is closed to traffic in the direction of Eindhoven because there is water on the road surface. Traffic is being diverted.

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Several streets in Valkenburg are under water

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This evening there was a nuisance in the south of Limburg due to heavy rainfall. In Maastricht, Geleen and Valkenburg, among others, water flooded the streets. The station hall in Maastricht was flooded, 1Limburg reported earlier in the evening. Basements have also been flooded and there has been water damage at several schools.

The A2 in the direction of Eindhoven is closed between the Kruisdonk and Meerssen junction due to flooding, Rijkswaterstaat reports. Traffic is being diverted.

The A76 towards Aachen is closed near Geleen due to flooding. Traffic is diverted there via the exit and entrance ramp. Roads are also closed locally.

Residents are shocked by the amount of water:

Flooding in South Limburg due to heavy rainfall

The cellars of the UMC Maastricht have also been flooded, a fire brigade spokesperson told 1Limburg. The damage is not too bad and the flooding does not pose any problems for healthcare.

Action center set up

The fire brigade control room in Maastricht received 85 reports of flooding in less than an hour. For this reason, an action center has been set up in the fire station, from which the emergency services can respond to reports, the spokesperson said.

Valkenburg has also been hit by the showers. “At a certain point you see that the wells here on the street are not getting through and that everything is completely clogged,” resident Jordy Peters told 1Limburg. “We will then get all the water here in the street.” According to Peters, this is the fourth time in a few months that this has happened. “It doesn’t seem to be resolved.”

The KNMI already warned this afternoon of thunderstorms with rain and therefore issued a code yellow. The worst showers in Maastricht were over around 8:30 p.m.

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