Flipper Zero: 3 good and 3 bad things you can do with it

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Flipper Zero continues to capture the imagination. A small device with which you can test whether something can be hacked… by hacking it yourself. This gadget fascinates us so much that we are creating a file on it. This article is the third in the Flipper Zero series. In the first article we described the device, in the second we discussed to what extent it is illegal and in this last article we list what you can do with it. But beware, we don’t recommend them all!

Play games

If you’re using the Unleashed firmware on the Flipper Zero, you can play Snake, but there’s more: there’s a Doom clone and Tetris to be found, as long as you download the Extras pack on top of that Unleashed firmware. It even has a Tamagotchi in it.

Help with your plants

You can turn Flipper Zero into a kind of plant friend, which will help you take better care of your green friends. If you combine Flipper Zero’s sensors with a specially made app, you can create an automated plant monitor that monitors temperature and humidity, among other things. In short: if your plant is thirsty or needs a different spot, you’ll know that thanks to the Flipper Zero.

Use it as a remote control

Flipper Zero is equipped with infrared and with that you can make a remote control of the device. Handy if you have lost your AB, or just want to tease someone who wants to hold that thing constantly and want to zap with it. Flipper Zero can simply become your own basic remote control.

Opening the charging door of a Tesla

We do not recommend this, but if you are really annoyed by your neighbor who always brags about her Tesla: just open the charging cover with your 433mhz signal. You can do that in a jiffy with your Flipper Zero. Just make sure you don’t get caught in the act.

Open a hotel room

This one is very naughty, and you should definitely only use it to scare people you know who are sleeping in a hotel (although, that too is a step too far for many). You can sometimes copy hotel room keys with Flipper Zero. Often these are just simple NFC chips that you can copy quite easily to give yourself access to someone else’s room. Again, absolutely a no-go if you don’t know someone or not well!

Open car park barriers

You can also open parking garages in line with the hotel rooms by using a duplicated card in your Flipper Zero. Just pick up that signal and copy it and you have access.

Of course, we recommend that you use your Flipper Zero for good things that don’t bother others, be they individuals or companies. As long as we use technology for good things, it can continue to grow. Have fun!

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