Flipper dossier: what is Flipper Zero and what can you do with it?

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It resembles a Tamagotchi with a dolphin to care for, but that is not less true. Flipper Zero is not such an innocent device at all, although it is not prohibited at the same time. Here’s what Flipper Zero is and what you can do with it.

Flipper Zero is a small device widely used for hacking and pen testing. Sounds very evil, but in principle the principle of it is good. You use it to test how easy it is to hack something. You can crack access badges and computers with it: even electric cars. With such a Flipper Zero you can see, among other things, how easily you can enter another hotel room based on your own hotel badge. It is a portable device with an old-fashioned screen, a few buttons and a battery, in addition to its computer brain, of course.

Flipper Zero

There’s no doubt about it: Flipper Zero is made for hacking. That’s his purpose and that’s what you can use him for. The device is also open source, so you can customize the hardware and firmware of Flipper Zero to your heart’s content. You can use a Flipper, among other things, to open the fuel cap of a Tesla, because they work via certain frequencies that this dolphin device can absorb and use. It can also read NFC cards and impersonate a Nintendo Amiibo, for example. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can also attach accessories, such as a keyboard.

And speaking of gaming, you can also play games on it, such as Snake and Tetris. After all, it has an LCD screen and the device is very easy to expand, so that is possible. It has a lot of options anyway, thanks to the many connection options available. The device is more than 150 euros, so you will have to pay a bit more money for it than with the average Tamagotchi. Is that worth it? Sure, you can go either way with it. The positive, ethically responsible side that mainly wants to experiment, that’s our favorite.

Next time we dive into this file in the legal jug of the Flipper Zero. Is such a thing allowed? Read it next week on NL News.

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