Flags turned again: ‘But battle not yet won’ 18:36 in Binnenland , Politics Farmer René Staal is happy that BBB is the big winner of the elections. "But if the left is ruled again, the flag will simply turn upside down again."

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Farmer René Staal hoists the tricolor
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The flag can be rotated 180 degrees, which is what BBB and farmers’ organizations call for. As far as they are concerned, the symbol of the farmers’ protests and general dissatisfaction with the cabinet, the inverted Dutch flag, can fly normally again.

Farmer René Staal in Zuidermeer in North Holland responds to the call. “This feels really good,” he says with satisfaction. For him, turning back the flag is a thank you to citizens who voted for BBB. “We wouldn’t have made it without their support. But: we won the battle, not yet the war.”

For the time being, the BoerBurgerBeweging has become the largest party in the Provincial Council elections in at least eight provinces. The party is on course for 16 of the 75 seats in the Senate. This makes it a lot more difficult for the coalition to get the controversial nitrogen law through, for example.

Farmer René Staal turned his flag again this afternoon:

This farmer hangs his inverted flag -for now- right again

“In the coming days, a lot of Dutch flags will be hung the other way around to thank the citizens,” responds Sieta van Keimpema of Farmers Defense Force (FDF) to the monster victory. It concerns many thousands of flags, which in some places are set up in long rows along highways or provincial roads. In cities they can also be seen in private homes behind the window or on the balcony.

It will take some time before the last tricolor is hoisted upright again. At least the first flag has turned over at farmer Staal today. The question is for how long. “If the left is ruled again, it will just turn upside down again.”

These flags along the A58 in Goes have already been turned back

Because of the merger of PvdA and GroenLinks (together currently 15 seats), the senate can also ‘go about the left’. In any case, there are European rules for the protection of nature areas that the Netherlands must comply with in any case.

“They can’t suddenly start doing magic”, Staal admits. He does expect that BBB will be able to “take a different tack” from the conversations. “The forced expropriation of farmers and the forced stop, the party can adjust that.”

  • At the ministry, thinking about a nitrogen guideline for BBB has started
  • Triumph BBB does not make continuing government any easier for the coalition
  • BBB also performed well in cities, leading nitrogen and confidence gap for voters
  • CDA members saw it coming, but historic blow ‘hurts’
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