Five ways you can personalize your phone

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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Atelje

Phones are very similar these days, unless of course you’re rocking one of those nice foldables. They are often just straight devices, approximately the same size, and often in a black or white color scheme. Still a bit boring. Fortunately, there are various options to make your phone a little more you. These are five ways to personalize your phone.

  1. A nice case

The easiest way to make your phone look more ‘you’ is to put a case on it that suits you completely. Then you can immediately cover up that boring black color, but you can also choose a case that suits you more. Do you always wear purple? Then of course you want a purple case. Do you adore your cats? Then you have a cover printed with your cats on it. Actually, anything is possible, but keep in mind that many covers are plastic and do not arrive to you in the most sustainable ways. So also look for a case maker who uses more natural materials or who is local to you.

  1. A nice necklace or Popsocket

We all used to have chains on our phones, possibly with a piece of jewelry from Otazu (thanks Samsung!), but nowadays that is no longer so standard. Too bad, because it is not only very useful, it also helps convey a bit of personality. Ateljé has beautiful necklaces for your smartphone, with a kind of pearls for example. But a Popsocket is also an idea: this is a kind of push button that you stick on your phone and can pull out: this way you can hold your fairly large device better. These can also be personalized, so you can make it match the rest of your styled phone.

  1. Your own background

Another very easy way to make your phone suit you a little more is to set a different background. Very nice, because it’s free, you can do it now, and you can change it every time, if you like to have a background that matches your outfit, or the season. Or if you take a different photo of your goldfish every day and want to use it as a background. Or, F it, just a photo of yourself: you are beautiful, you deserve to be seen, why not? You change the wallpaper in your phone’s settings. Often under screen, background or personalize.

  1. An icon pack

In line with this, you can also download and install icon packs. This way you are not faced with a whole tangle of different icons, all with their own colors and fonts, but there is more uniformity in the icons. You have to like that: it also makes you recognize an icon less quickly. It is also possible that an icon does not exist in the icon pack, so you still see an old variant there. But still, once it’s all neatly arranged in one type of icon, it’s a lot more stylish to look at.

  1. A bag

Honor recently presented a phone that looked like a bag, but what if you buy a bag especially for your phone? There are cases that work this way, giving your phone a fluffy covering. But there are also small bags where you can store your phone. It’s cute, it fits perfectly and you can often fit some cards in it: ideal. And above all, it shows who you are: completely personal.

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