​Five tips for organizing a good winter BBQ

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​Five tips for organizing a good winter BBQ

The water is high and it keeps raining, but the weather forecast says that winter is definitely coming. Hopefully a little less precipitation and a little more cold. That is the best circumstance for a good winter BBQ. But there are also some other things to take into account when setting up a BBQ in the winter cold.

Provide a patio heater

Maybe you, as a BBQ master, stay nice and warm: your guests probably also enjoy spending time outside without having to arrive in their ski suits. Invest in a patio heater, because they are also ideal for those evenings when autumn arrives, but you can still sit outside nice and dry in late summer. A patio heater has also become increasingly common, making them cheaper to purchase than before.

Choose the right BBQ

We don’t have to tell you to use good ingredients, but you do want a BBQ that looks good. Very funny, a UFO on a stick, as they call the standard home-garden-and-kitchen BBQ. But especially for a winter BBQ you benefit from using a barbecue with a little more body. One that is made of insulating ceramic, for example. This way you don’t lose too much heat and you can continue to cook well. There is a lot of choice in these types of barbecues. For example, you can see on a website like bbqnerds.nl what kamado BBQ best suits your situation.

Provide warm drinks

You may be used to serving cocktails, sangria and other cold drinks at a BBQ, but did you know that mulled wine is also very suitable? It is very tasty with several types of meat and you can serve it nice and warm. For dessert, you can also choose to serve stuffed chocolate bananas from the BBQ with hot chocolate (which people can then make into a freakchoc themselves with marshmallows, whipped cream, glitter balls, and so on).

Choose cold side dishes

At a barbecue you don’t want to be busy with 15 things at the same time. So make sure you make a lot of side dishes yourself that can be served cold. A salad with pear, sandwiches with brie and cranberry compote: choose delicious winter flavors, but make sure the snacks can be kept cold. You can also think of something with stewed pear or, for example, a golden old one: the potato salad.

Make sure your dishwasher is empty

When organizing a BBQ, you naturally want to ensure that everyone always has enough plates, cups and cutlery. Make sure your dishwasher is empty. Firstly, it means that the dishes are completely done and everything is ready to be used, secondly, it ensures that your guests (or yourself) can immediately put things in the dishwasher and possibly let it run for a while for a new supply of plates and cutlery. . Plastic plates are no longer acceptable, paper plates are often a bit soft, so why not use real tableware? So durable and comfortable.

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