Five suspects arrested in major investigation into boiler builder

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Zevenbergen – Last week we arrested five suspects after a lengthy investigation into a boiler manufacturer. These boilers are used for the production of synthetic drugs. The police do not rule out that more people will be arrested.

In March 2022, the police launched a major investigation targeting facilitators of the production of synthetic drugs. This form of organized crime is maintained by the sale of raw materials and materials. In addition to rounding up drug labs, the police are also looking for people who supply products to make synthetic drugs. Think of boilers, bins and special fabrics. The police hope, by also tackling the suppliers, to stop the production of drugs.

This investigation showed that boilers were being built in a building in Zevenbergen. In November 2022, several homes were searched during a day of action. Several boilers were found in a house. Five suspects were arrested on Monday, February 13, 2023 and Wednesday, February 15, 2023. They all come from various municipalities in the West Brabant region.

Two suspects have been brought before the Commissioner Judge. Both are in custody and are in restraints. Therefore, no further information can be given about this. The three other suspects have been released


For some time now, the police, in collaboration with the Public Prosecution Service, have expanded the way of tackling and preventing drug labs. Where in the beginning we only focused our arrows on the already running laboratories, this has been extended to suspects who make it possible to build laboratories. So before they are in operation and producing drugs. Then it concerns, for example, the people who supply the necessary boilers to produce the drugs. Or the people who actually make the drugs, the so-called cooks. Or people who are involved in the facility process of building a lab in a different way. The practices of these ‘facilitators’ are just as punishable.

Reporting helps

The production of drugs and the building of a laboratory to produce them are linked to violence. This is not shunned in these criminal circles. That is a danger to all of us and that is why we are asking for your help. Do you have the feeling that something is happening in your environment that has to do with these practices? Or have you been approached by criminals because you have the (technical) knowledge to help them with their criminal activities, please report this to us. You can call us on 0900-8844 or fill in a report form at But we understand that you may prefer to do so anonymously. You can do this via 0800-7000 or via

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