​Five classic games from the past that are still fun

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​Five classic games from the past that are still fun

Whether you first played it on a computer with Windows XP, in an arcade, or on one of the first Nokia phones: there are some games from the past that are still great to play. They have survived the test of time and the great thing is that that probably also applies to your skill in them. These five games are worth playing again.


Patience is a popular game because it is one of the few card games that you can play alone. But it can also be done online: you can, for example play patience for free on www.patience.nl. It has become known, among other things, because Patience is also a game that was included with Microsoft Windows. Patience is a card game in which you place a row: it is also known as Solitaire or Mochelen). It depends on the type of Solitaire game how you have to play those rows together, but think a bit in the living Stratego-like setup, where one card is more powerful and belongs above the other card. It is really a thinking game and is seen as a kind of solo chess match with cards. A wonderful game, although – as the name suggests – you do have to be patient: you certainly don’t always win.


There are two people in the world (at least, especially in an older group): the people who swear by Pac Man and those who swear by Tetris. We’ll go with the Tetris fans for now, because after all these years this game is still fun in a slightly less stressful way than Pac-Man. Tetris actually only becomes stressful if you haven’t been doing it as well for a while. You have a lot of rows to make and if you don’t succeed in time, your screen will fill up with blocks and you will be out. More control, no ghosts that can just appear.


Bejeweled mainly dates from the MSN Messenger era, because it was one of the games you could play while chatting. Plus, there are still a lot of people who play Candy Crush and the two are quite similar: Bejeweled also lets you flip things around to create three or more in a row. It’s just like this: as soon as you see a Bejeweled screen, your eyes automatically start looking for a good move.


Maybe you had a Nokia yourself, or one of your parents did, but in the 90s it was Snake that was all the rage. We couldn’t get enough of how such a snake (or actually a string of black blocks) had to grab a block at a different place on the screen, making it an increasingly longer snake that was not allowed to touch its own body. It’s so simple, but we were obsessed with making that hose as long as possible. Now we are still able to start the game and see how far we get: literally and figuratively.


In the past you could play a few games within Windows, of which Minesweeper was one. Many people didn’t understand it at all, but there was actually some logic in it if you had read the rules. You could mark boxes that you thought had a mine behind them with a flag. You could find this out by the numbers that appear when you tap an area. The numbers indicate how many mines are adjacent to the box: this way you can piece together where they are. It’s actually really cool, but Windows wasn’t the best at explaining that. Fortunately, you can still pick up this hobby now.

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