Five arrests in investigation of boiler manufacturer for synthetic drugs

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Police arrested five suspects this week after a lengthy investigation into a drug lab boiler builder. All suspects come from different places in the West Brabant region. Two of them are still in custody, three others have since been released.

(Image: the boilers and jerry cans with chemicals that were found in a truck in Tilburg on Tuesday).

In March 2022, the police launched a major investigation targeting facilitators of the production of synthetic drugs. This concerns the sale of raw materials and materials for drug labs, such as boilers, bins and special substances.

This investigation showed that boilers were being built in a building in Zevenbergen. In November 2022, several homes were searched during a day of action. Several boilers were found in a house. Five suspects from the West Brabant region were arrested on Monday and Wednesday.


Two suspects have been brought before the examining magistrate. Both are incarcerated for longer and are in restrictions. The three other suspects have since been released. Nothing is known about the ages and whereabouts of the suspects.

Police say they cannot rule out more arrests.

Truck with boilers

On Tuesday, a 39-year-old man from Tilburg was arrested during a check on an industrial estate on Maidstone. Drug lab kettles and chemical jerry cans were found in the back of the truck he was driving. Whether the arrest is related to Monday and Wednesday’s arrests is not entirely clear.

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