Five arrests after two explosions at homes in Zwanenburg

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Zwanenburg – Three explosions occurred at homes in Zwanenburg in March. The first explosion was on the night of Saturday, March 16 at 12:14 am on Marialaan. Last weekend, two explosions took place at two homes on Amestelle. On Sunday night, March 24, at 2 a.m. and this morning, Monday, March 25, at 2:10 a.m. The District Police in Kennemerland is investigating the incidents in Zwanenburg and has made five arrests. These are boys aged 15 and 17 from Rotterdam. They are in limitations.

During the three explosions, explosive material was thrown inside and caused an explosion in the home. No one was injured in the explosions, but homes suffered significant damage. It is not yet clear what exactly was detonated.

A few hours after the explosion on the night of Saturday to Sunday, March 24, on the Amestelle, four suspects were arrested red-handed. They were arrested at Haarlem Spaarnwoude train station and are currently in custody. On Monday morning, March 25, the fifth suspect was arrested after another explosion on the Amestelle. It concerns a 15-year-old boy from Rotterdam. After a search in the area with, among other things, a helicopter, he was arrested at the Seevank in Zwanenburg

The five suspects are suspected of involvement in the explosion on the night of Saturday to Sunday, March 24 or on the night of Sunday to Monday, March 25. They will be brought before the examining magistrate on Wednesday, March 27. These arrests once again make it clear that minors are increasingly being used to carry out explosions. A worrying observation that the police and the Public Prosecution Service unfortunately see more often.

The district police in Kennemerland is conducting intensive investigations into the incidents in Zwanenburg. The investigation takes into account that the reason lies in a conflict in the criminal sphere aimed at one person within a family, of which innocent people/family members have now become the victims. ‚ÄúResearch and contact with the victims shows that they had nothing to do with the conflict. They have not had contact with the person who appears to be involved for years. And they don’t know how to get in touch,” said the research leader. The incidents understandably create a feeling of insecurity among local residents. That is why the municipality of Haarlemmermeer is organizing a residents’ evening on Tuesday evening, March 26, for local residents who receive an invitation. The police will join in. The police and the Public Prosecution Service are continuing to work hard to take measures. More about that later. The investigation continues and does not rule out more arrests in this investigation.

Reporting helps!
Did you see or hear anything suspicious on the nights of Saturday March 16, Sunday March 24 and Monday March 25? Do you know who is involved in this? Or do you have information about (the background to) these incidents? Please contact the police on 0800-6070 or via the attached tip form. If you find it scary or exciting to report, you can always do so anonymously or confidentially. Then use Report Crime Anonymous (0800-7000) or the National Intelligence Team (088-6617734). This is a department trained in shielding tipsters and informants. They are trained to obtain information unobtrusively and to protect the informant at all times.

If you see a suspicious situation, always call 112!

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