Five arrests after a series of bicycle thefts in Oldenzaal

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Oldenzaal – The police arrested five men on Tuesday afternoon, March 14, for involvement in bicycle theft. It concerns two Rotterdammers (25, 30 years old) and three men from Poland (20, 31, 32 years old).

Since the beginning of March, more than ten bicycle thefts have been reported to the police in Oldenzaal. These were often electric bicycles that are worth a lot of money. During an action, the five were caught. A bicycle was stolen in just a few seconds. Various items used during the thefts were found with the suspects.

Convert and resell

In the days leading up to the arrests, several stolen bicycles were found, including on the grounds of the University of Twente. Possibly the bicycles were temporarily parked there and then taken away. Stolen bicycles are often provided with false frame numbers and then resold at home or abroad.

It is unclear how many cases the five were actually involved in. The further investigation is ongoing. The case shows how important it is to always report a bicycle theft. A case may not immediately have the highest priority, but the police can indeed take action in the event of trends and peaks in certain places. In addition, a report helps to return a stolen bicycle when it is found.

Second lock

More about bicycle theft and tips to prevent it can be found on this special theme page. Most important tip: always secure your bike with a second lock! Do you see a suspicious situation? Then call the police immediately. In a red-handed situation, this is always allowed via 112.

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