First MONO action in Zeeland-West Brabant

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Tilburg, Breda, Bergen op Zoom, Kapelle, Ulvenhout – Last Tuesday the first MONO traffic action of this year was held: the action against road users who do not call hands-free.

We know from experience that it is dangerous to call or text while driving with a phone in your hand. That can cost lives and for that reason we try to act against it as much as possible. On Tuesday, February 28, 2023, a coach and several inconspicuous police vehicles drove through the Hart van Brabant and Baronie districts. In a short time, 58 drivers were caught holding a phone while driving. These directors were stopped and issued a fine of €380 (increased from €350 to €380 and €9 administration costs from 1 March).

Striking things

Two drivers were caught racing against each other. One of the drivers was also found to be under the influence of drugs. Both driver’s licenses have been taken away. A truck driver turned out to be hard of learners. Within an hour, he was caught holding a phone in his hand twice. This man does not understand the misery he can cause with his truck if he is not paying attention and, for example, drives into a traffic jam. At that time, thirteen fines were issued for other traffic violations such as overtaking on the right, loose cargo, not wearing a seatbelt and driving unnecessarily on the left.


On this day, a so-called MONOcam was also deployed at 3 locations in the unit. This is a camera that scans vehicles and takes a picture of the car when the driver holds a phone in his hands. 21 people were caught on the A4 at Bergen op Zoom, 22 on the A58 at Kapelle and 14 on the A58 at Ulvenhout. These drivers will receive a fine of €380 at home at a later date.

More of this

These actions will be held regularly in the near future. The MONOcam will also be used frequently. In this way we want to make motorists aware of the danger they are when they drive with a phone in their hands, so they can be distracted from what they are doing at that moment: driving. You have been warned!

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