First local summer day measured in Gelderland Yesterday, 17:15 in Binnenland A little later than in previous years, the temperature at official measuring points exceeded 25 degrees

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In Hupsel, in Gelderland, the first local summer day of the year was measured. At 13.50 it became 25.7 degrees there. In Deelen it became 25.6 degrees.

It is a summer day when the temperature rises to 25 degrees or more at one of the official measuring points. Last year, the first local summer day was May 9. For the first national summer day, it should also have been 25 degrees in De Bilt, but the mercury there got stuck at 24.3.

An overview of Weerplaza with today’s maximum temperatures:

A little later than average, the mercury rose above 25 degrees today. The first summer day is nowadays more often in early May.

“It is not surprising that the first summer day comes late. In other years it comes very early. The capriciousness from year to year is great. And this year that summer day is quite late,” says meteorologist and NOS weatherman Peter Kuipers Munneke .

“However, due to the warming of the Netherlands, we see that the date occurs earlier in the year on average. Thirty years ago it was on average mid-May that you can expect the first day of summer, nowadays it is around May 1. In that respect, we experience something special this year (a late summer day) which was much more common at the end of the last century.”

Due to the north wind, it will be a lot cooler in the coming days.

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