First exit poll: BBB and VVD are neck and neck in Noord-Holland 21:00 in Binnenland , Politics The first exit poll comes from Noord-Holland. In the poll, newcomer BBB is slightly larger.

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In the province of North Holland, it seems that the newcomer BBB is neck and neck with the VVD, according to the exit poll of research agency Ipsos, conducted on behalf of the NOS. BBB is slightly larger with 9 seats, but the VVD comes in at 8 seats, which is within the margin of error of the exit poll.

This is followed by GroenLinks and the PvdA with 7 seats each, followed by the PvdD (previously 3 seats) with 5 seats and D66 with 4 seats. Forum for Democracy, which previously had 9 seats, drops to 1 seat. JA21 would be new to the Provincial Council of North Holland with 3 seats, just like Volt.

The CDA would go from 4 seats to 2 seats. The PVV would go from 3 to 2 seats and the SP would drop from 3 to 2 seats. Think would go from 1 to 0 seats and the Christian Union would remain at 1 seat. 50Plus also remains at 1 seat.

A total of 55 seats can be allocated in North Holland.

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