First aid for scratches on your phone

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The best lifehacks to save your screen

First aid for scratches on your phone

If your phone has completely shattered, there is only one thing to do: try to replace the glass yourself, or go to the supplier to have it done. However, there are also those annoying scratches that arise, for example, because you put your phone in the same pocket as your keys. Small, thin, rocky scratches. If your phone came from the factory with a screen protector, then you’re in luck: they usually absorb exactly these kinds of scratches well. If you are not blessed with a screen protector, you can try the things below (and invest some money in a screen protector).

Before we whisper all kinds of life hacks to fix that scratch, it’s good to consider the risks first: you’re now going to do things on your phone that it’s basically not meant for. The chance of something going wrong is entirely at your own risk. Proceed with caution and also first consider whether it is really worth the experimentation, or whether the scratch is actually not too bad. Is it not easy? Okay, then let’s go for it.

For starters, turn off your phone. Not on silent, but completely off. He certainly shouldn’t be on the power either. Just out, dead. Even take out the battery just to be on the safe side (but only if you can). This is the safest way to work. If you then also put some tape around the ports of your phone, you’re in the right place and the chance of moisture damage is smaller. And while you’re at it, it might also be good to take a cloth over your phone to clean it.

Okay, you’re ready now.

The Magic Eraser of Dr. Clean

Dr. Proper (or is he a Mr?) has a miracle eraser that could clean and improve all sorts of things, including your phone. Be careful with this one, because it creates a kind of scouring pad, so use this especially if you have scratches on the back of your device: Dr. Proper doesn’t belong on your screen.


The most commonly used method to fix something is… Coca Cola, but that is not the case in this case. In this case it is a good number 2: toothpaste. This special stuff, which can be used for all kinds of useful things, is also very suitable for fixing your phone. No gel toothpaste, but just a nice white string: put a little bit of it on a cotton ball and go over the scratches in circular movements until you can no longer see them. What did you actually do? A little sanding, but on a micro level. Please clean your phone after the treatment.


Interesting detail: there are also people who swear by a very fine sandpaper to remove scratches from their phone. We have not tried it yet, because yes, it sounds very drastic, but there are people who use it seriously to remove scratches on the back of your phone, for example: keep it as far away from your screen as possible, because it is sandpaper.

Baking soda or baby powder

It is also possible to get started with one part water and one part baby powder or one part baking soda. With that you make a kind of paste and just like with the toothpaste you go in circles on the scratches. It is a slightly softer method, but also clean your device thoroughly afterwards.

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