Fire Ter Aar became so big due to exploded gas bottle 09:40 in Regional news The fire was on a business park. One gas bottle shot through the roof at a company and caused a second fire.

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The damage after the fire on the industrial estate

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Last June’s huge fire at the business park in Ter Aar in South Holland was probably caused by a gas bottle that exploded and landed 200 meters away. Mayor Robbert-Jan van Duijn tells Omroep West.

The fire started in one of the businesses on the site. Several gas cylinders exploded at that location for unknown reasons. One of them shot through the roof, fell through the roof of another company and caused a second, large fire there.

“That was very intense,” says mayor Van Duijn van Nieuwkoop, which includes Ter Aar. A large part of the industrial area was ablaze. More than 20 buildings were severely damaged. There was nothing left of some. “It was very unpleasant to see. When I arrived, it seemed like an inferno,” said the mayor.

New construction requested

A spokesman for the fire brigade called the fire on June 9 “the largest fire in Ter Aar ever”. Three months later, the aftermath is not over yet, but the mayor is optimistic about the future of the business park: “The first applications for new construction are already on our desk.”

These are images of the great fire:

Large fire at business park in Ter Aar
  • Damage and sadness after a major fire in Ter Aar: ‘Never experienced anything like it’
  • Huge fire at Ter Aar business park under control
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