Fire in vacant Eindhoven building under control, building will be demolished Yesterday, 21:12 in Binnenland The fire could not be extinguished. The roof had already given way and the property was considered lost.

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Plumes of smoke rise from the vacant building
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The fire in the empty building in the center of Eindhoven is under control. However, there is still plenty of post-extinguishing and demolition work going on. The building has been checked and no one has been found, reports the fire service.

There are often homeless people in it, the fire service reported earlier. It was not known at the time whether anyone was present during the fire.

The demolition was started because otherwise the fire would not be extinguished, a fire spokesman said. The roof had already given way and the property was considered lost.

A large plume of smoke can be seen:

Plumes of smoke above the center of Eindhoven due to fire in an empty building

Because a lot of smoke was released, an NL-Alert was sent calling on people to stay away from the smoke. “Go inside or leave the area if you are bothered by smoke. Close windows and doors and turn off ventilation,” the fire service reported.

According to Omroep Brabant, terraces in the area have been evacuated. Visitors to the Bridge Guitar Festival a little further away have also been sent home, the broadcaster reported.

Extinguishing water was taken from the Dommel near the Van Abbemuseum. For this, the Wal and the Keizersgracht were used to lay hoses. This led to some traffic disruption.

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