Fire destroys tons of aid supplies for Ukraine and Belarus

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Tons of relief supplies went up in smoke

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Tons of relief goods were lost yesterday in a major fire in a factory in Valkenburg, South Holland, near Leiden.

According to Omroep West, there are a total of three well-stocked trucks with hospital beds, mattresses, feeding tubes, plastic jerry cans, generators and new clothing. It was all intended for people in Ukraine and Belarus.

The blow hit the Ukraine Katwijk Commission and Stichting Charité hard, the two aid organizations that used the burned-down part of the factory. “We are inactive due to the fire. Help! How should we proceed now?”, a volunteer from the Katwijk Ukraine Committee told the regional broadcaster.

Despite the devastating fire, the aid organizations continue: “We cannot just stop.”

View images of the fire here:

Fire in Valkenburg destroys tons of relief supplies
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