FIOD found the profit of the suspect from crypto trading too high

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The Public Prosecution Service has demanded six years and eight months in prison against a 53-year-old man from Delft for money laundering with crypto currency, forgery of documents and providing information about the possibilities for importing and transporting MDMA and cocaine in and to the Netherlands. . The total amount that would have been laundered amounts to many millions of euros, the OM thinks.

Unusual transactions

The reason for the investigation was reports from several banks about unusual transactions by the suspect to both the FIOD and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). Large amounts were transferred to the suspect’s bank account, while these amounts did not seem to match his income. An initial investigation revealed that the suspect had reported 6.3 million euros as assets from crypto trading to the Tax and Customs Administration. That amount would have been earned in one year.

Criminal provenance

Thanks to the cooperation of the Spanish authorities, the suspect was arrested there in November 2020. Subsequently, the FIOD conducted an extensive investigation into the origin of the assets collected by the suspect.

The Public Prosecution Service concluded that ‘the vague statements given by the suspect’ cannot be verified. Not even after additional research was carried out by order of the court after the first substantive hearing in November of last year. This means that there can be no other explanation than that the money has a criminal origin, according to the Public Prosecution Service.

The suspect would have had ties to drug criminals.

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