Fingerprint on AH bag of fentanyl not enough for conviction

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Fingerprint on AH bag of fentanyl not enough for conviction

The court in Den Bosch has acquitted a 43-year-old man from Oss of trading more than a kilo of fentanyl that was found in a shed in Eindhoven more than three years ago. The court sees insufficient evidence that he supplied the powerful opiate. The man will receive a prison sentence of a total of 2.5 years for other drug crimes, threats and money laundering. The Public Prosecution Service had demanded 4.5 years in the case.


Fentanyl is related to morphine and heroin but much more potent. Pure fentanyl can be lethal in microdose on the skin. In the United States, the painkiller is widely used as a drug. Thousands of people die there every year from an overdose. In Europe, fentanyl is hardly available. In Europe, less than 20 kilos were seized by the police last year.

That is why the large kilo in an Albert Heijn shopping bag caused a stir.


The question was whether the man had given the bag to the owner of the barn. The suspect denied.

There are indications that could mean that the suspect did indeed possess the fentanyl, the court ruled. The suspect’s fingerprint was on the shopping bag. But the court rules that this does not say much because it was on the outside of a common bag that is also movable. The fingerprint by itself does not prove that the suspect was in possession of the fentanyl at any time.

There were also tapped conversations that could be explained that the suspect had to do with the fentanyl, but the court is not sure about that either. Because there is no other evidence in the file, the court acquits the suspect.


The suspect will be convicted of committing punishable preparatory acts for the production of hard drugs and the trade in them. For example, between January and May 2021, he communicated with others about the supply and production of hard drugs. He also bought a batch of 1,000 kilos of so-called pre-precursor for amphetamine and wanted to convert it into amphetamine oil. In addition, he threatened one of the people with whom he communicated about drugs when a supply of precursors was stolen.

Between January 2015 and August 2019, the suspect was also guilty of money laundering. During that period he deposited more than 150,000 euros in cash in two bank accounts and also had more than 90,000 euros in cash that was also used for personal expenses through a construction.

The man also received a fine of 30,000 euros.

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