Films and series that will be released on HBO Max in 2024

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Films and series that will be released on HBO Max in 2024

HBO Max is of course going to have a somewhat strange year in the Netherlands. It will go together with Discovery+, but it cannot be called Max, which is what it is called in other countries. It is not yet known when that will happen, but it should be sometime in the spring. Not that it makes much difference in terms of content that is coming: it is still coming. We’re in the middle of a new season of True Detective and there’s more.


HBO, of course, belongs to Warner Bros. and that means: DC Comics. DC doesn’t have it very easy when it comes to films, but The Penguin series could be interesting. It features Cristin Milioti, Clancy Brown and Rhenzy Felix. We love the gritty edge of Gotham City, where Batman is set, and that’s also where The Penguin takes place. We still have to wait a while: it won’t arrive until the autumn of this year.

Dicks: The Musical

Tomorrow we will be treated to Dicks: The Musical, a new musical comedy in which we learn more about two businessmen who turn out to be identical twins. Not very interesting in itself, but they will eventually bring their divorced parents together. It’s being made by someone who worked on Seinfeld and Borat, so that’s promising.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

What is also happening this weekend is that the final season of Curb Your Enthusiasm will be released on HBO Max. Larry David’s painful comedy ends after twelve seasons and after all the theft and blackmail, the question is how Larry will go out.

The Regime

Kate Winslet is a living legend and it’s great to see her starring in a new series on HBO. This woman often guarantees awards and expectations are high. In The Regime, Winslet is the dictator of a non-existent European country and the regime begins to lose ground. Political drama is something we miss now that Succession is over, so it remains to be seen whether this series – which will be released on March 3 – can fill that gap.

The Sympathizer

If you can get Park Chan-wook to do a series, then you should definitely do it. HBO did it: he makes The Sympathizer, a series about a Vietnamese spy sent to the United States to report on the South Vietnamese people there. He then has to work as a consultant on an American film about the Vietnamese war, which makes his loyalty to the Viet Cong considerably more difficult. Interesting detail: Robert Downey Jr. also plays in it.

House of the Dragon

Season 2 of the Game of Thrones spin-off, House of the Dragon, is coming and we could use another shot of dragons. House of the Dragon season 1 did great and broke records for HBO, we are curious if that will also happen with the second season of the series.

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