Filipino crew members’ jobs saved: training remains valid in Europe

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The European Commission continues to recognize Philippine crew members’ national diplomas. In recent years, there have been doubts about their level of education. Because the Philippine authorities have made improvements in the training of seafarers, sanctions, such as the withdrawal of diplomas, have been lifted.

Philippines is of great importance in the global maritime sector: one in six crew members come from the Asian country. In the Netherlands alone, 20,000 Filipinos work under the Dutch flag, including 1,700 officers and captains. They could lose their jobs if the diploma was no longer recognised.

European Commissioner Vălean (Transport) says she is satisfied with the cooperation with the Philippine government: “They have done their best to improve the training and education of the crew members. They can continue to count on our support in getting the their certification system, and in ensuring better living and working conditions for seafarers.”

Shipowners satisfied

The Royal Association of Dutch Shipowners (KVNR) is pleased and relieved about the decision. “This means that we can continue to sail with Filipino officers and captains,” says director Annet Koster.

She welcomes the fact that the EU continues to monitor how things continue to develop in the Philippines through technical support, among other things. “You can see this as a way for the EU to prevent us from ending up in the same kind of situation in a few years.”

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