Ferry with 25 people on board capsized in nature reserve, four injured

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Emergency services at the capsized ferry in Zuidland
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A ferry capsized in a nature reserve in Zuidland in South Holland. At the time that happened, there were about 25 people on the ferry. It concerns a group of volunteers from a natural history society, the security region said. Everyone is out of the water and there are no missing persons.

Four persons were injured. One person has been resuscitated. He ended up under the ferry. The others were taken to hospital with hypothermia.

Because it was unclear whether people were missing, divers searched the water. The list of people who were on the ferry was also checked to make sure everyone was right. The wildlife volunteers would clean up debris in the area.

Images show how it is being searched:

Overturned ferry

The emergency services were en masse at the scene of the accident, which happened around 9:30 am. The search has now been completed.

Because emergency workers could not get to the scene by ambulance, they were transported in police off-road vehicles.

A Coast Guard helicopter flew above the nature reserve to search for people. A police helicopter flew over the accident site earlier. A large number of ambulances and fire engines were also called.

The ferry can be operated by those on board. This is what the vessel looked like.

The ferry that has capsized
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