Ferrari optimistic: ‘If we put pressure on them, Red Bull can make mistakes’

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Ferrari optimistic: 'If we put pressure on them, Red Bull can make mistakes'

The double victory in Australia has given Ferrari an enormous boost and team boss Frédéric Vasseur believes that the Italian team can now compete with Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen more often. Self-confidence has grown considerably in recent times and the Frenchman now wants to put pressure on the championship formation more often.

A week and a half ago, Ferrari achieved a double victory for the first time since the 2022 season opener in Bahrain. In both cases, the Italian team needed some help from Red Bull. Although it was not very likely that this result in Melbourne would have been possible without Verstappen’s DNF, it has become clear that Ferrari has significantly reduced the gap to the Austrian team.

That gives courage to everyone who cares about Ferrari and there is also optimism within the Italian racing team. “I think confidence has increased considerably in the past month, which was actually already the case last year in the last part of the season,” Vasseur told ‘In Australia we already saw that if we get everything right, we can put pressure on Red Bull. And when they are under pressure they can make mistakes, so we just have to keep going like this. However, I don’t think we can do this every weekend,” Vasseur tempers expectations somewhat.

Don’t focus on Red Bull

Despite the fact that he wants to compete with Red Bull, Vasseur says he does not want to be distracted too much by the Austrian team. The Frenchman mainly looks at Ferrari’s progress and that makes him satisfied. “We are much more confident that we can handle these kinds of developments, because we were there from the first round on Friday,” Vasseur looks back on the Australian race weekend. “It all went very smoothly and we are confident that we are developing the best car.”

“I am not at all focused on the performance of Red Bull, I am focused on the performance of our car,” Vasseur continues, who then goes into more detail about the improvements at Ferrari. ‘We have taken a step forward overall. The car feels much easier to drive, to follow other drivers and also much easier to develop. That is the biggest step we have made compared to last year,” said the Ferrari team boss.

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