Fatal shooting after 8-second phone call: Public Prosecution Service demands 14 years and TBS

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Fatal shooting after 8-second phone call: Public Prosecution Service demands 14 years and TBS

Last May, 22-year-old Amir ran back to his house in Katwijk late at night. He shouted that he was being shot at. Witnesses saw a young man running after him with a gun and heard two bangs. Amir was shot in the head and died a week later. 19-year-old Sem V. from Katwijk, who, according to prosecutors, fired the fatal shots, was in court on Tuesday. The Public Prosecution Service is demanding 14 years in prison and TBS against him.


The public prosecutor states that it is no longer possible to determine what happened between the suspect and the victim that evening. The suspect’s memory is failing. In any case, Sem V. was heavily drunk.

The suspect and the victim had gone out separately in Katwijk on the evening of May 21, 2023. There is no evidence that there was any argument or even contact between the two that day or the days before.


Still, Sem V. got into his car from his house around 4 a.m. and drove towards the victim’s house. V. said that he was called by Amir on a prepaid phone. The police were unable to trace that telephone call. There was a conversation from suspect to victim, lasting 8 seconds, when he was almost there.

The two met outside near the victim’s home. No one knows for sure what was discussed there. Sem V. says it was about cocaine. He allegedly received 700 euros worth of cocaine from Amir to sell. But he had given it out for free and now the victim wanted to see money.

Camera images

Sem V. says that Amir pulled out a gun and that he managed to take it away. The problem is that no one can confirm this story.

A first shot can be heard on camera images from the area. Ammir was shot in the stomach at close range and started running. Witnesses saw him running past in panic, apparently with his hand on the wound. Shortly afterwards, Sem V. followed, who clearly had difficulty keeping up with the victim. Then they heard two shots shortly after each other.

‘Treatment necessary’

When Sem V. chased Amir, it took about 4 to 7 minutes before he shot. That means he was able to change his mind. That is why the public prosecutor speaks of premeditation, and therefore murder.

Sem V. says he can’t remember anything after the first shot. This means that nothing is known about his state of mind, the public prosecutor told the court.

According to experts, the suspect clearly has multiple disorders and the chance of recurrence is high if he is not treated. Especially because he seems to have no insight or need for help and even wants to start smoking again when he is released. “That is why TBS with compulsory treatment is the only way to limit the risks to society,” the public prosecutor said.

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