F1Maximaal predicts: ‘No one will break the streak of Verstappen and Red Bull’

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F1Maximaal predicts: 'No one will break the streak of Verstappen and Red Bull'

The challenging Grand Prix of Singapore is on the program this weekend. After a race weekend full of straights and chicanes, the drivers will now have to deal with several technical sections. For Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing, that was enough to suggest that the Austrian team will not be as competitive at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. Editor Shanna Lutgert and editor-in-chief Mike van Weert somewhat doubt those statements in F1Maximaal predicts.

Red Bull and Verstappen expect a very difficult weekend; is there anyone who can break the team’s streak?

Shanna: ‘Red Bull may find it a bit more difficult because of the adjustments to the floor that they have to make, but I expect that they will be on top of that during training and that Verstappen will be able to easily adapt to the car, even if the RB19 is then maybe a bit more difficult to drive. With ten victories in a row, I think Verstappen is currently in a different dimension mentally and in relation to the entire field. Singapore is one of the toughest races of the year, but I don’t think anyone can break the series yet.’

Mike: ‘I expect the competition to have the best chance of stopping Red Bull this weekend. Ferrari has proven in Azerbaijan that it is good with slow ninety-degree bends, but at the same time the SF-23 eats up the tires. Ferrari can therefore achieve a good qualifying, but the question remains how long the Scuderia can keep other teams behind it. Confidence will also be high at Mercedes and Aston Martin, but these teams lack pure speed over one lap. Red Bull will certainly be the favorite, but I don’t think the team will have an unthreatened weekend. Saturday will be especially important and may be a precursor to the race, although with a little rain it could of course be a crazy Grand Prix.’

What do you expect from the change to the layout of the Marina Bay Street Circuit?

Shanna: ‘As it seems, the small adjustment will make it a bit easier for the teams that mainly suffer from tire wear. I’m guessing Ferrari will be happy with that, as the Scuderia has a car that eats the tires very quickly under both high downforce and low downforce. Because a corner section has been removed and it is now a straight section, the circuit will also be less merciless on the brakes. I think teams like Williams and AlphaTauri will like that, although they have to find a good balance in the car that runs fast on the straights, but also has to have a fairly high level of downforce. Under the warm conditions it will probably ensure that the teams can continue driving a little longer and that the pit lane strategy will have to be scrutinized. I’m secretly hopeful that it will bring the playing field together a little bit this weekend.’

Mike: ‘I think the desired effects won’t be too bad. There won’t suddenly be an exponential increase in overtaking on the Marina Bay Street Circuit. A reduction in the number of bends could ensure that the tires of teams with high tire wear degrade less quickly, but with the temperatures in Singapore I still wonder about that. I think only Red Bull really shrugs its shoulders when it comes to the changes. The RB19 works in every corner and in all conditions, so the team of Verstappen and Sergio Pérez will not suddenly have a disadvantage.’

What will be the top three of the race and why?

Shanna: ‘Verstappen will take his eleventh victory this weekend. I think Pérez is boosting himself with the memories of last year and his general performances on street circuits. It will connect to P2. Aston Martin didn’t come close to the two Red Bulls in Monza, but I think Singapore could be a good track for them. I put Alonso in P3.’

Mike: ‘Somehow I don’t dare not to put Verstappen first, so the Red Bull driver will simply continue his series. He will probably have a more difficult time on the Marina Bay Street Circuit, but if we have learned one thing in 2023, it is that Verstappen can take on any challenge. I think Fernando Alonso will finish P2. I’m secretly hoping for a bit of chaos in Singapore and who else than Alonso can best take advantage of that. I think Carlos Sainz will complete the podium. After a good weekend, I think the Spaniard has got a taste of it and that he will also benefit from the chaos around him.’

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