F1 owners not happy with Verstappen’s criticism: ‘I’m sure he’s had that conversation’

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F1 owners not happy with Verstappen's criticism: 'I'm sure he's had that conversation'

David Coulthard believes that Max Verstappen has not made the owners of Formula 1 happy with his criticism of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Last weekend, Verstappen criticized the new Formula 1 event in Las Vegas, describing it as ’99 percent show and one percent sporting event’ and comparing himself to, in his words, a clown.

“Of course they won’t like it,” Coulthard emphasized after Channel 4 asked him about the Formula 1 owners’ reaction to Verstappen’s criticism of the Vegas event. ‘They only think about investments. At the end of the day, they are cold, hard business people,” he adds.

According to Coulthard, there is a good chance that Red Bull Racing has confronted Verstappen about the frankness of his criticism. “I’m sure he would have had that conversation,” he says. “But Max believes in freedom of expression,” he adds with a critical note.

Verstappen’s mouth cannot be shut

Three-time W Series champion Jamie Chadwick echoes Coulthard’s views on the three-time world champion. According to her, the Dutchman cannot keep his mouth shut. “That’s Max,” Chadwick begins. “Everything he does is just the way he is. You have to respect that,” she adds.

However, the racing driver emphasizes that this is what makes Verstappen the person he is. ‘It is not without reason that he is a three-time world champion. I have a lot of admiration for him. He can be very himself sometimes, and I’m sure Red Bull is frustrated by the things he says. But we think it’s great,” she admits.

According to Chadwick, Verstappen thought all the extras surrounding the Las Vegas Grand Prix were just a bit exaggerated. ‘He loves racing. He doesn’t care about the rest. However, many other people do care. After all, it brought a lot of people to the sport this weekend,” Chadwick said.

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