F1 in short | Verstappen surprised by Sargeant’s choice of drink: ‘Then I wish him a nice weekend’

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F1 in short |  Verstappen surprised by Sargeant's choice of drink: 'Then I wish him a nice weekend'

In the F1 in brief section, F1Maximaal.nl keeps you informed of the latest news from the premier class of motorsport that does not qualify for an extensive mention, but is of course relevant to mention on the website.

Verstappen surprised by Sargeant’s choice of drink: ‘Then I wish him a nice weekend’

Williams driver Logan Sargeant indicated during the press conference on Thursday that he will do without water during the race on Sunday. The young American says he finds it difficult to hydrate during a race, but this is now crucial in Singapore. ‘Because of the heat and humidity, we do intensive humidity training beforehand. I think dehydration during the race is the biggest problem. Personally, I don’t drink, so I just have to live with it.’ The Singapore Grand Prix is ​​known as one of the toughest on the calendar. A rider loses about two to three liters of fluid during the race. Hydration is crucial and so Verstappen wishes his colleague the best of luck. ‘He doesn’t drink anything? Well, then I wish him a nice weekend,” the world champion said in surprise. Verstappen will take a small liter of water on board his RB19 on Sunday. Although he is not exactly looking forward to soldiering on his water reserve. ‘The problem is that the water heats up very quickly. It turns out like tea and I don’t like that.’

Snooker champion: ‘Every sport needs a Verstappen’

Ronnie O’Sullivan, crowned snooker world champion for the seventh time last year, likes Max Verstappen’s dominance, while Formula 1 itself sometimes expresses dissatisfaction about the monotonous image. O’Sullivan hopes the same thing happens in snooker. ‘The sport is always more beautiful when one player dominates. Every sport needs someone like Verstappen,” said the English snooker icon at Eurosport. He wins everything, and people just wonder: is he going to lose today? People want to see dominant players, to see if there is anyone who can beat them. Snooker needs someone like that.’

More aggressive rain test with wheel covers coming

The full wets have hardly been used for years, because the spray on the circuit is too extreme when these tires are desired. The FIA ​​is therefore looking for a solution to ensure better visibility on a wet track. In July, mudguards were tested at Silverstone without much success, so a more extreme test with wheel covers is now being planned. “What we tested at Silverstone was perhaps too optimistic an experiment,” says Nikolas Tombazis, head of single seaters, at Motorsport.com. ‘In the next test we will test a fully covered wheel. Then we will decide which direction to take.’

Marko is tight-lipped in Singapore about Pérez statements

Helmut Marko will not talk about the statements he made about Sergio Pérez at ServusTV during the Grand Prix weekend in Singapore. The Red Bull Racing advisor said: ‘He is a South American, so he cannot focus as well as a Max Verstappen or Sebastian Vettel.’ The Austrian received a lot of criticism for his statements and has therefore apologized. The man from Graz does not want to say more about it. ‘If there are any questions about it, I won’t answer them. I will only talk about sporting matters,” said Marko at F1-Insider.

Viaplay is stopping annual subscriptions, only a more expensive monthly subscription is still an option

Viaplay has informed Streamwijzer that it will stop offering annual subscriptions. For the viewer, this means that there is only the option to take out a monthly subscription, which often means that the costs are somewhat higher. People who still have an annual subscription with the streaming service will keep this subscription until the twelve months are up. You will then automatically switch to a monthly subscription of €15.99.

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