F1 in brief | Sir Jackie Stewart: ‘Hope Ferrari is overtaken by Verstappen in the last corner’

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F1 in brief |  Sir Jackie Stewart: 'Hope Ferrari is overtaken by Verstappen in the last corner'

In the F1 in brief section, F1Maximaal.nl keeps you informed of the latest news from the premier class of motorsport that just does not qualify for an extensive mention, but is of course still relevant to mention on the website.

Sir Jackie Stewart: ‘Hope Ferrari is overtaken by Verstappen in the last corner’

Sir Jackie Stewart secretly hopes that Max Verstappen will break the record for most victories in a row. The three-time world champion is mainly hoping for a nice race. “Everyone wants to see a good Grand Prix, so I hope Ferrari makes it to the end of the race and is overtaken by Verstappen in the very last corner,” Stewart joked at Sky Sports. The former driver does not want Verstappen, even if he books his tenth victory in a row, to be among the best drivers of all time. “It’s too early for that, but he just keeps winning. He’s doing phenomenally and driving with a great attitude.’

Ecclestone happy with Hamilton contract: ‘Without him, F1 will be a boring show’

Bernie Ecclestone is happy that Lewis Hamilton has extended his contract with the Mercedes team. According to the former Formula 1 boss, the premier class of motorsport would be a lot more boring without the seven-time world champion. “Now you have to ask yourself what the Grand Prix circus would be without Hamilton, a rather boring display,” Ecclestone told Blick. “You can think what you want of the Brit, but he brings the necessary glamor to a sport. You need guys like Lewis off the racetracks. And if he were to win again, he would be the greatest of all time for many.

Mercedes allows 17-year-old mega talent Antonelli to skip Formula 3

In the early years of the Formula 1 world championship, Italy still dominated with world champions such as Nino Farina and Alberto Ascari, but in recent years that has become increasingly meagre. After 2011, only Antonio Giovinazzi drove in the premier class of motorsport, but that will probably change in the not too distant future. At the age of 17, Andrea Kimi Antonelli is one of the greatest talents in the entry-level classes and will make his debut in Formula 2 next year for top team Prema Racing. Antonelli is therefore skipping Formula 3, having won the Italian and German Formula 4 championship last year, and leading the championship this year in the Formula Regional European Championship.

Massa temporarily suspends duties as F1 ambassador due to legal process

Felipe Massa temporarily stops as F1 ambassador. The Brazilian is currently embroiled in a legal battle with the FIA ​​and Formula 1 over missing out on the 2008 world title and as a result, both parties have jointly decided that he should not be present in the role of ambassador during the race weekends. However, there is no question of a ban, as Massa would simply be welcome as an individual. The former Ferrari driver would initially just travel to Monza, but was asked not to come, according to his spokesman. Massa himself would have realized that it was not wise to appear in the paddock.

Verstappen fined after speeding

On the circuit, Max Verstappen was unable to record the fastest time or the highest top speed, but the Dutchman managed to do so in the pit lane. Verstappen was clocked at 84.4 kilometers per hour, while the maximum speed is eighty kilometers per hour. It will result in a fine of 500 euros. Hopefully Verstappen, or employer Red Bull Racing, can still afford that!

Martí latest addition to Red Bull talent team

Josep María Martí, nicknamed Pepe Martí, is now part of the Red Bull junior team. The 18-year-old Spaniard is currently third in the Formula 3 championship, one point behind number two Paul Aron, who is a member of the Mercedes talent team. Martí hails from Barcelona, ​​and the Spaniard has regularly left a good impression for Campos Racing this season, including a home win in Catalonia.

Pirelli announces tire choices for upcoming Grands Prix

That the drivers will be able to use the softer tires – C3, C4, and C5 – in Monza has been known for some time, but Pirelli has now also indicated which tires will be used in the three subsequent weekends. There are few surprises in between: in Singapore, just like in Monza, and just like last year, the three softest tire types are used. Street circuits usually pay off perfectly for the softer rubber. In Japan and Qatar, however, the drivers will use harder tires. Just like in Bahrain, England, Spain, and the Netherlands, the drivers get the C1, the C2, and the C3 in these weekends. That was to be expected, because Pirelli made the same choices in the last editions of both Grands Prix.

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=https://twitter.com/pirellisport/status/1696875431507460497″ data-service=”twitter”>

Drugovich takes his seat in an Aston Martin car at Monza during FP1

Felipe Drugovich will be driving the AMR23 during the Grand Prix weekend in Italy. The Aston Martin reserve driver thus ticks off the first mandatory training that a young driver must complete. The Brazilian, who was champion in Formula 2 last season, will replace Lance Stroll in the first session at Monza. Previously, Drugovich replaced the Canadian during the test days after Stroll broke his wrists before the start of the new season.

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Lawson, as expected, also in Monza as Ricciardo’s replacement

Liam Lawson replaced Daniel Ricciardo at the Dutchman’s Grand Prix due to the broken bone the Australian suffered in his crash in second free practice. The 34-year-old was flown to Barcelona on Saturday for surgery and expects a speedy recovery period. However, it is not yet possible to get back into the car this weekend, so Lawson will also drive for AlphaTauri in Monza. “We are very happy that Daniel’s surgery went well and that he is now recovering. We hope to see him back on track soon, but until he is fully fit again, Liam, who did very well in Zandvoort, will continue to ride alongside Yuki. That is valid from our home race in Monza this weekend,” AlphaTauri said in a press release.

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